About Me

Raised in Milwaukee, I have been writing since the age of 7, but I did not consider it a vocation until the age of 17. I approach my craft from a spiritual perspective instead of viewing it as an academic discipline. In a word, I describe my poetry as “authentic”.


“If I am ever lost for words: I dance on a shadow. I rest in rivers. I swallow pain. I swim in melody. I see contour. I AM emotion. I witness the world. I honor majesty. I follow the child. I sit with God. I am…poetry.” ~ J. Brown



My poetry is a unique blend of urbanism, sensuality, and spirituality, which speaks to life and its varied nuances. “I don’t know what I don’t feel…so my poetry is strictly my truth being revealed.”


I have 300+ poems to date, and I spend my time traveling and performing at poetry events, schools, civic celebrations, and spiritual gatherings, both locally and nationally. I have been published in various urban magazines and literary publications, and I usually perform under my stage name, “Atypcl,” which is largely indicative of my multi-cultural identity.


Authentically Traveling Yielding Poetry Calling Love