Poetic Product


The S.E.X.Y. Shade of C.O.O.L.

His latest CD, “The S.E.X.Y. Shade of C.O.O.L.,” is equal parts seductive, smokey, sultry, irreverent, and a bit dangerous. While incorporating “ghetto metal,” neo-soul, Afro Cuban, jazzy, and ole skool hip sounds, the CD is of course sexy and cool. For the conscious mind…It is life lived and experienced…distilled truth. For the ardent listener…it is the testimony of a muse having fun. For an open heart…it is a transformative journey. Feel…Breath…Experience…Enjoy.

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Lucid Intervals

Still Moments Create Lucid Intervals. Lucid Intervals Emancipate Poetry.

Lucid Intervals
Running Time: 56:14
15 Tracks
$13.00 (includes S&H)

“Lucid Intervals” is actually the title of my first volume of poetry, which I began writing during my last year of high school. Since the phrase represents the starting point of my artistic journey, I figured it would be the appropriate title for my first CD. In a word, this CD is metaphysical and represents my thoughts during the seconds, minutes, and hours of a particular time of my life. While this CD definitely showcases my sensibilities, it only shows one side of me. The next project, which I began recording in July 2005, will show a different side of me: one with similar strains of energy, but one expressing more of the person within me. I am curious to see who that person at that time will be…

Releasing a CD, I imagine, is a lot like giving birth: You cradle part of yourself, and fall in love with that piece of life growing inside of you, only to have to let it go at a certain time. I fell in love with this project like nothing I have ever done before. Yet, despite my tendencies, I had to let it go at some point. The time came for the CD to be released into the world to fulfill its destiny. I feel like a first-time parent, with the attendant joy, expectations, pride, and trepidation. But like any proud papa, I expect this “baby” to do well and shine its light in the world. I am grateful that my art has this opportunity.

Thank you for walking with me. Enjoy!



Love is life and Life is Love.


When we honor the love that is us, and acknowledge the love around us,


Life is Simple.


But when we disassociate from love and believe that ours is an isolated existence, life is Complex.


My life has vacillated between the knowing and the unknowing, the Simple and the Complex.


Hence…my new CD, which recalls this journey, can only be described as



Running Time: 79:42
12 Tracks
$15.00 (includes S&H)

Simplexity” represents a number of things: human-ness, longing, triumph, and soulful-ness. I wrung every drop of my soul into this CD. The production of this CD coincided with my move to San Francisco. As a result of that transition – having to find a new producer and needing to get settled in my fantastic and strange new home – the “stew” took a little longer to cook this time around. But with art, it’s not done until it’s done. And I knew this CD would be finished at the right and perfect time for the world to receive it.

It is a gross understatement to say this work is deeply personal…which is strange since all poetry is biographical. Besides…no one would ever classify my poetry as being counterfeit. Ultimately, I feel more alive now than I ever have. However, it is by standing in my power that I can share with people the occasions when I wrestled with my pain. I am a monument to love, but it took some time for this edifice to be fully constructed. There is joy in all aspects of life…even when there is negativity. It is when we are in the fire that our souls get fortified. Life is good.

I am very proud of this CD. Whereas “Lucid Intervals” is my “contemplative child,” “Simplexity” is my “transparent child.” It comes out smokin! I love the fact that my CDs are totally organic: they always evolve naturally and expansively. Nothing on this CD is processed or artificial. All of the lyrics are heartfelt; all of the music is real and performed by live musicians. I had the pleasure of collaborating with my new friend, David Landon of Whip Records in Berkeley, who I affectionately call “D-Nice.” D-Nice appears unassuming, but he can groove with the best of ‘em. We experimented with a lot of different sounds, from slow and mellow to edgy and bangin’. As one famous singer once said, “It’s all in me.” In the end, what we created is something seamless, soulful, sensual, seductive, and of course…poetic. Thank you for connecting with me…Enjoy!