Contemporary Poetry Series

Echoes in Red (Excerpt)

Fury is the dart

You throw to my heart

When you fail to see




But should I bruise

The ruse

Is that you are really killing yourself

Hoping that I may die splendidly

But mentally

You can’t want for me

What you don’t want for yourself

Since we are one

So if you commit or condone violence

You must want my death

Since death is the logical extension

But in this dimension

You also want your own death

Or to be deceased

Which means you really want peace

Since in death there is stillness

And in this realness

You come to understand

That your anger preceded the violence

And your fear preceded the anger

And confusion preceded your


So my dear

With new eyes

It is your rebirth you hear

We are


If for nothing more

To create the form that we didn’t before

And to deconstruct

Our previously destructive and counter-productive




Copyright Joel A. Brown 2007, 2012.  All Rights Reserved.