The Ballad of Joel A. Brown, Part 1

People would say:

Bro…you need to share

And I thought: Boy that sounds nice

People would say:

Bro…you need to share

And I thought: boy…a compliment made twice

And people would say:

Bro…you need to share

You got a lot of rhythm and spice

And I thought:

Hmmm…let me be humble

Since I’m just trying to spread my own light

But it took me to new heights

And people started to grasp

Kindred spirits started to ask

How could they get a copy of my words

I was surprised because it was just me

Putting a little twist on some verbs

But in order to put out

I had to finally let go

I started to express myself

And let people see the contours of my soul

I recognized that I had a gift

Even though I took a whiff

Of the corporate aroma

Feeling obligated by

Call of j.ds, scholarships, and diplomas

The poetry never died

In fact, the poetry kept me alive

It told me to perform

The poetry created a storm

And lightning struck

Creating a brew

A new way to stir up the pot and serve the stew

Which led me to the incredible thought

Of producing CDs

A composite sketch of my thoughts

Delivered to you from me

With the blood flowing north

What I bring forth

Is something spiritual

Something birthed from my heart

And tasting kind of lyrical

In a word

I splurged

Calling forth the spirits of spoken word

So I say


What’s up?

And hello

Welcome to the show

In this dimension, we flow

If you are listening, you are now in a mosaic

And I am just a colorful creature known as Joel

Copyright Joel A. Brown 2005, 2012. . All Rights Reserved.