Vintage Poetry Series

Not of This World (Excerpt)

Please don’t be afraid as I tell you a secret,

Of emotions this  human tongue can reveal,

I may be in this World, but I’m not of this World,

This world as we know it is not real.

Oh sure… I could be the form of a million atoms,

A gay gender of a certain class or race,

But those distinctions seem to restrict  my soul,

I’d use them to only save face.

Call it the curse of being a deep mamma jamma,

Since these thoughts are not produced on a whim,

I have two arms, two legs, and a face like yours,

But my deepness is not reserved for a swim.

Mortals and zealots have tried to pass it off.

They had religion and the philosophy of men.

Copyright Joel A. Brown 2005, 2012.  All Rights Reserved.